Changes at the Club

Some of you will already know this, but for anybody who I haven’t already told, in January I will be starting a new job in London. Therefore, sadly, I will no longer have a regular involvement with Coventry Handball Club. Whilst my disappointment at not being able to be a part of the club is huge, I can at least reflect back over what has been an incredibly successful first four months for the club. The progress we have made in so many areas has been immense, and if the momentum that the club has built up can be maintained, I’m sure the club will continue to grow and grow.

It’s also reassuring knowing that I’m leaving the club in safe hands. Paul and Duane were there from the very start – without them, there would simply be no club. I would also like to thank Lukasz for massively improving the standard of play at the club through his excellent coaching. Paul will be moving to replace myself as Chair, with Duane becoming the new Treasurer. Therefore we will be looking for a new club secretary – if you are interested in that role, or perhaps think you could help the club in some other capacity, please speak to Paul. Any help that the club gets will be greatly appreciated, and my own example should provide proof if proof were needed of the benefits getting involved with a club. It’s probably fair to say that without this role on my CV, I wouldn’t have been offered my new job. 2013 will be a huge year for the club as we look to move into establishing a junior system and entering into men’s and women’s leagues for the first time, so if you’d like to get more involved with the club, now would be the perfect time.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has come down to sessions and played. Seeing everyone enjoying themselves has made all of the work incredibly rewarding and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I wish the club every success for the future, and hopefully we will meet again on a Handball court at some stage. Hopefully I will see you all either at training over the next two Thursdays or at the social on Friday to say a proper goodbye in person.



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