New Deals for Women’s Sessions

Tonight we held the first of our now weekly women’s only sessions. Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who did show up, and we were pleased with the standards on display. However, we still need more numbers at each session to make sure that the sessions are financially viable. We’re going to work hard to recruit some new players of the coming weeks, but we’re also going to change our pricing structure for the sessions to help towards this.

The full price of the session will still be £3 per person, as always on a pay-as-you-play basis. However, for any new members, they will get their first session for just £1, making it an ideal opportunity to try the sport for any girls who have never played before. Our existing members (i.e. anyone who has been to a session before) won’t miss out either, as we will also be offering introduce a friend deals. For every new member you bring along to a session, you’ll get a session for just £1 yourself. So, bring two friends with you and you’ll get two sessions for just £1 each. Bring three friends and you’ll get three sessions for £1 each and so on. Hopefully these new price plans will help encourage lots of new girls to try Handball, and we’re confident that once they try it, they’ll love it and our numbers will grow and grow.



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