Match Information

Matches are looming large on the horizon now, and we’re all looking forward to playing the men’s and women’s double-header against Loughborough next Sunday and our local derby for the men against Warwick the Sunday after. It is our intention that everybody who makes themselves available for selection will play in at least one of the three matches, however we can only make this happen if we know everyone’s availability with enough time to get everything organised.

Therefore for any of the guys looking to play in at least one of the two fixtures, we need to know your availability, preferably by the end of tomorrow (Thursday 15th). If you’re attending tomorrow’s session, you can let us know there, if for any reason you can’t make the session please send us an email ( before the end of tomorrow let us know your availability and we’ll make sure you’re selected for one of the two games. The details of the fixtures are as follows:

Sunday 25th November – Loughborough Away, 13:50 meet, matches finished by 18:00

Sunday 2nd December – Warwick Home, 12:50 meet, match finished by 15:00

Anybody interested in playing in the women’s match, we will be giving details of the match at every session between now and next Sunday. If you can’t make any of those sessions but would still like to play in the match, please email for further details.

Also there is a beginners/new club tournament currently being organised to be held in Oakham on either Saturday 15th December or Sunday 16th December. Matches are likely to take place between 12:00 and 17:30, so should be plenty of opportunities to play competitive matches against teams of a similar standard. However, I am aware that this is after the end of term for Coventry University, so I need to ensure we have the numbers to send a team before I commit to the tournament. Therefore if you will be available that weekend please let us know and we’ll see whether we are in a position to send a team.



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